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About the Photographer


Rhiannon Perez - an upbeat introvert with a passion of documenting family life.  June 2022 - I lost my son due to his physical limitations.  I’ve always believed we only have our memories and if we’re lucky - photos of our loved ones to keep their memories alive.  


Cillian was born 7 weeks early and was diagnosed with hypotonia (low muscle tone) at 4 months old.  Mother’s intuition would have me question his development and eventually we were given referrals for therapies after advocating for my son.


Every hoop and hurdle we would look back and realize how blessed we were because he had always done everything with a smile.  He showed me what unconditional love was because I was ready to care for him for the rest of my life.


Since losing my son - very few words resonate - because this is not a common loss for many people.  Being a mother to two younger children- I push myself everyday to do what I have to do to be the best mom for my children.



Portraits and photographs were always encouraged to capture because tomorrow was never promised.   

I have been interviewed and had my work published on VoyageLa.Com Click Here for full interview! 

For my wedding blog post with my partner Basic Invite, Click Here for my blog where I highlighted a memorable wedding from 2018!


See life through my lens.

“I learn to live around it - you don’t get over it. You just learn to function around it.”

-Tameka Foster Raymond

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