Sweet Destiny

In the last week I had the opportunity to photograph a young woman who was coming into her own. A sweet sixteen portrait session with an absolute rose! A timid beautiful young woman with the prettiest eyes! She photographed exceptionally well and left the direction of the photos up to me. We changed locations to include a lowrider, a beautiful 1964 Chevy Impala!

Growing up in LA county, lowriders are the norm! I get excited because I feel like it'll be like photographing family. I met with the parents of the young girl and it felt like a great fit. Destiny's sweet sixteen photos from our session are my absolute favorite so far this year!

Her dress was a beautiful blue colored sequined dress! Princess gown with gorgeous details!

We walked a little distance and she changed into her Jordans for a few poses and to walk with ease!

Destiny shined bright on her day.

Top down with the Impala

Hitting switches in that Impala and you can't tell but she was terrified!

I do feel very thankful I was able to take part in her special day and capture some gorgeous memories they will remember for years to come!