Look Mom, I got featured!!

Photography has always been something I’ve loved. My dad served a little overseas and I was always so fascinated with the old photos he would show me of him on base or out with his Marine buddies. Going through boxes and boxes of old photos of my family from before I was born and loving how much has changed in fashion, film, and culture!

In college I began to pursue my passion and learn more about the camera. My professor was pretty hip and really encouraging in his own way. I dropped out to work full time and went on a detour. After my son was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, working full time didn’t seem possible for a child who needed 24 hour care. A few months go by and my husband continued to work 6 days a week just to provide for his family as I stayed home with our kids.

We had our photos taken by my friend Mendez and his girlfriend Amber. On the drive home I mentioned to my husband that was always a dream of mine. For my birthday two months later, he bought me a camera to start my business! I was 6 months pregnant but booked my first job, a wedding! I was so inexperienced and wasn’t familiar with my camera but Myranda & Francisco trusted me and it really just started from there.

I was asked a few weeks ago if I could give VoyageLA.com, permission to use my photo to be featured on their art & lifestyle website! I agreed and patiently waited for my photo to be published. Big thanks to the perfect little model, Azlan. His mommy told me she couldn’t wait for his feature!

Its just the beginning. My little company is only 2 years old but I’m thankful for the clients, all my friends and family that always shares my posts or tags me in posts. Nancy, Mark, Brittany and Matsuhiromoments for really bringing out my artistic side. You all are great photographers that I’ve learned from and have really been my biggest inspiration through this road. Mom and my father in law for watching the kiddos when I have to be away. And Thanks to the hubs for really trusting in me and giving me that push I really needed.

Click on the link here to view the other artists and my photo is at the bottom (of course it is)


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