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Final days of summer and i'm 26 weeks pregnant with our first daughter. We have a dog, who we call our doghter who just turned 15 years old. Next year she's getting a sweet sixteen party and all the doggy pals are invited!

My name is Rhiannon A. Dominguez (rad) and I'm a wife and mother of two boys. For all of you new who have recently tuned in, my oldest son was born 7 weeks early and diagnosed with cerebral palsy when he was 1 and a half years old. He is the definition of a Christmas miracle because that's when he made his debut into this world. We've had bumpy roads with his health but overall he's the happiest kid with the best smile.

I don't do things by the book and life had a way of showing me exactly that. But we adapt and we keep on moving forward no matter how hard things get. Since Cillian requires 24 hour care, it made sense for me to stay home to raise him. His medical bills also gave me a push to find something for myself to do and help my husband not feel overwhelmed working 6 days a week.

I picked up my camera and started taking clients and booked my first wedding for $150. I've always been passionate about photography and wanted to learn as much as I can to build this business! I've come a long way in 2 years but I've got big dreams to fill and I'm constantly working around the clock in this tiny business of mine.

It's time to update my page and tidy up the website is first on my agenda during my "Maternity Leave". My good photographer pal Mitchell (Matsuhiro Moments) did a fantastic job capturing my personality down to an art. He showed my cool/James Dean persona of not giving a damn, to my silly/jokester personality. I've found in this photography community, we all offer support and it's not really a competition because art is subjective and each photographer has a different eye!

So enjoy and my next blog post will be a little more on my family and myself!

Photos courtesy of Mitchell of Matsuhiro Moments (www.matsuhiromoments.com)

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