Catherine's Maternity

Raymond and Catherine picked the Los Angeles Arboretum for their maternity photoshoot. It was my first time visiting and we extended our time because it was so big and beautiful.

I grew up in Whittier, CA. Everyone seems to know everyone. My high school friend bought a gift certificate for her younger sister, Catherine.

When I meet with clients, I try to get to know them by asking a little about themselves. I knew Catherine's brother and sister from school. She let me know she graduated from my high school back in 2007, the year my younger brother graduated. Turns out they went to school together too.

The couple is expecting their first child, baby Luna, in a few weeks!

Walking around the arboretum the couple was ecstatic for their new addition. We chatted about unsolicited parenting advice. I told them just to listen to their gut.

Maternity photos are one of my favorites because the bump is always front and center for all portraits.

Parenthood is a huge task. These two are definitely up to the challenge.