Huntington Beach Maternity Shoot with Crystal

I met Crystal 8 years ago when I started dating her brother. He introduced me to Crystal and her daughter Gina. Crystal and Gina have a very close relationship and almost no one was allowed in their circle. Crystal began dating Chris in 2012, I remember because he was her plus 1 at our wedding. Watching this duo grow into the trio with Chris was inevitable. He is so laid back that he was a worthy adversary against Gina. She was overprotective when it came to her mom and no one could ever take Gina's place.

When word got out that Crystal was expecting, we were all very shocked. Mostly because 5 years ago when I was pregnant with my first child, I had asked if she ever planned on having anymore children, and she told me Gina was enough. Chris & Crystal were expecting a baby girl in November!

I offered my services because lets just be real for a second, I get real salty if my family doesn't book me to capture their moments! haha. She was hesitant about having her photos taken, but I assured her, she would be in good hands. She wanted portraits with her daughter since Chris had to work and I wanted to make sure I didn't disappoint.

During the drive to Huntington Beach she opened up about the last time she had her photos taken. The photographer made her feel self conscious about her smile! What the heck? I told Crystal that a great photographer knows how to direct their clients to get that perfect shot! Scroll to view a few photos from her maternity shoot!