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Prado House: Corona, CA | Ana + Alex | Weddings

If you've ever worked at Stater Bros. Markets, you know that is a very small business. Everyone knows everyone. Employees get transferred around like pawns on a chessboard. Ana, worked with me, my brother and my sister in law all within the last 11 years.

Ana reached out to me that she wanted to book me for your May 2021 wedding. A wedding after covid? What does that even look like? It was the first time in a year where we gathered to celebrate love.

This beautiful rustic venue in Corona, California was the perfect venue for these two. Emma, with @emmadalessandrophoto, was my second shooter that helped me with the groom and the groomsmen portraits along side the rest of the ceremony and receptions.

The night was filled with love, dancing and so much laughter.

This wedding was captured by rad Photographs. If you are interested in investing in any of our services, please contact me by using the contact button or click here.

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To see all photos from this shoot, visit their gallery here.

To view their engagement session, visit their gallery here.


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