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San Diego, CA | Robin + Joseph’s Surprise Wedding | The Sinclair on G Street

How did you meet? How did your love story begin?

When getting to know my couples - I always want to know the origin story of how they met. How are they together and separate - gives me a tiny insight of the couple and what types of personalities they may have for their big day including our portraits.

Robin and Joseph contacted me about their surprise wedding. I respect my clients privacy so very little was posted about them leading up to their wedding.

They are a modern day romance couple and opted to do anything traditional so they both got ready for the majority of their morning together.

While finishing her hair and makeup - she asked her soon-to-be husband if he can pick up some lunch for her.

Her request: Tomato soup, something that just might want to try on a wedding dress too.

As we photographed her details, we asked how they met.

She told us that she’s not very into social media but had went to a wedding wearing a pink dress and that her friend said her friend “Joey” thought she looked cute. So she went on social media to find “Joey” and she messaged Joe and they began to talk. She had mentioned the pink dress and Joe just went along with her story of the pink dress.

After telling her friends about her finding “Joey” and starting to talk - they come to find out, Joe wasn’t Joey but it was too late. The two started falling for each other.

Every love story is different and I always enjoy listening to everyones story.

To keep the wedding a surprise, they asked for all guests to wear black. As they announced it was a surprise wedding - they announced their wedding party who also had no idea their friends were getting married.

As they walked through the beautiful doors from the Sinclair the two were up in front of their friends and families to become husband & wife.

The rain made for beautiful outdoor photos and the wonderful planner was prepared with clear umbrellas so they could walk through the streets of Downtown San Diego.

No wedding would be complete without a hurdle or two but Robin & Joe enjoyed their evening together talking with friends and family and dancing the night away.


* Wedding Coordinator: Together For Better Events

* Charcuterie: Delgado Delights

This engagement was captured by Rad Photographs. Second shooter Liv Candid Photos. If you are interested in investing in any of my services, please contact me by using the contact button or click here.

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To see all photos from this wedding - visit their gallery here


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