Skyforest | Engagement Portraits | Marlee + Marty

Sometimes I'll blog about their love story. Today, I'll blog about how I met the bride.

I was working for Stater Bros. Markets back in 2011. I just transferred to a new store and there is where I met Marlee. She was one of the first people I met when I transferred in and worked together almost every shift together. We weren't close friends - but in a grocery store with young adults, she was one of the few that was mature (tolerable/not annoying)!

We remained social media pals and we followed each others lives for the past 8/9 years.

Earlier this year she sent me an e-mail regarding services for her wedding day! I had known she was in a relationship with Marty for quite some time. They were engaged and she wanted me to take part in it. I was truly honored because this is definitely one of the most important chapters in everyones lives.

We chatted over e-mail and then text. At our consultation with her parents we seen just how small the world was when we realized Marlee & her brother grew up in the same neighborhood as my sister-in-law & her brothers.

We planned our engagement shoot before this pandemic and growing in California - we are an hour away from the beach or from the mountains. California girls love the beach and margaritas. As for Marlee, she prefers the mountains and a nice cold beer!

I met up with Marty & Marlee in their apartment with their pups. We got into the car and headed up to Lake Arrowhead/Skyforest! We stopped to check out their venue all covered in snow. Toured the space to visualize the lighting and ceremony site.

My job is to make people feel comfortable and leave feeling like models. Marlee & Marty were just picture perfect and getting me excited for their September wedding.