Yorba Regional Park Anaheim | Ragland | Family Portraits

My friendship with Sitarra started over 20 years ago, as 13 year olds! I used to be so nervous when I'd book a friend for family portraits. Feeling a little like an imposter, not sure I knew what I was doing. But over the years - those butterflies I used to have are no longer holding me back.

I want to be able to capture authentic moments. Create images for you to cherish forever. I mean so much pressure, right? Of course. Especially when its one of my dearest friends. But knowing a family and allowing children to just be themselves gives us the best images that we moms will cherish forever.

This is the second time I've captured their family portraits and this year did not disappoint.

These family portraits were captured by rad Photographs. If you are interested in investing in any of our services, please contact me by using the contact button or click here.

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